To the FCC we are KRNG-FM, a licensed (Fallon) commercial radio station with a booster transmitter (Reno).

To the IRS we are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

To the listener we are Renegade Radio - 101.3 fm.

To area churches and to the business community we are Sierra Nevada Christian Music Association (SNCMA).


SNCMA is local to northen Nevada, has a maximum of 12 board members and was organized to promote Christianity through contemporary music.
Sierra Nevada Christian Music Association is not supported by or sponsored by any organization and assures that no particular Christian denomination will be promoted at the expense of another.
We are on our own and trusting that God wants us to continue.
You can help Sierra Nevada Christian Music Association continue its mission to northern Nevada youth and young adults.

KRNG has the sound of success; we have many listeners, and many listeners are influenced positively by Renegade Radio's music. Studies show that the #1 priority of most youths is Music. The lyrics and mood of the music are what can lead to failure or success. Our music promotes life, hope and success.

We use income wisely. We continue to rely on two part-time employees, a number of volunteers and our circa 1997 equipment. Many young men and women have learned about music and broadcasting by becoming involved "behind the microphone" at KRNG. The Board of Directors, now numbering seven, has learned the ups and downs of a non-profit corporation. You might want to become a member of the board.

Fewer than 50 people donate regularly to Sierra Nevada Christian Music Association. You could make this a number larger.

You can donate to Sierra Nevada Christian Music Association directly.

  • Send a check to SNCMA, PO Box 490, Wadsworth NV 89442.
  • You can underwrite a part of the broadcast day and receive on-air acknowledgement (similar to the short announcements one hears on public television). We ask underwriters for $100.00 a month for regular time and $200.00 per month for daily "drive time" mentions.
  • You can purchase straight advertising for a business at competitive Reno-market prices. This is not deductible as a charitable donation, but is deductible as a business expense. Write [email protected] for a rate card. Several local firms have discovered an increase in business after advertizing on Renegade Radio.
    However, in order to comply with IRS rules, we must keep straight ad income below 30% of the total. So far, this has not been a problem (and we can only hope for such problems).
  • You can pray for Sierra Nevada Christian Music Association, or you could become a member of the Prayer Posse and pray for KRNG listeners. What other local radio station prays for its listeners?

And that is how you can support Renegade.
Give it some thought.


William E. Bauer PhD
Program Director
and Secretary of the Board: SNCMA


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