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This is an AWESOME project you guys have got going! What a way to minister to the 'younger' hearts that identify all too often with the MTV society, but are looking for something different, and more meaningful. Your music ROCKS, and sends the message of God's love and incredible mercy to the listener, and I'm sure it has planted many seeds that are coming up in the fertile soil of young minds. Praise God that you were not afraid to leave the 'mainstream' Christian view of what good music is. Thanks for your efforts, and may God continue to shower His blessings on everything you guys put your hands to!!!
Sincerely, in Christ's name,
Norm Concha Chesapeake, VA

Your radio programs are good, and you play great songs. We need christian radio stations in Canada, but until we get them I'll settle for real player
Garth Holmes Lake Echo, NS Canada

You guys rock keep up the good work!
Charissa Robertson 15 Reno, NV

What a blessing to have such a cool station that reaches people with the word of God and really great music.Thank You.
Karl Johnson Sparks, NV

Thank you for being there......you guys are truly doing something worthwhile and special! I know that God is using you guys for evangelism and to glorify Him. I have a ton of non-Christian friends who are coming around because they see that being a Christian isn't just about singing slow psalms and whatnot; they see that Christian music is capable of transcending into all kinds of music. Especially the ones that they listen to! Hearing these songs also holds me accountable. When I'm about to do something that wouldn't exactly be pleasing to God, i flip on the radio, and you guys are playing a song that I can relate to! I appreciate everything you've done and will do in the future! Thank you much! I think I was flipping channels one night last spring, and I was looking for KRZQ. But instead I found you guys! I truly think it was a message from God to cut the sin out of the music I listen to.....because ever since, I've cut out bad music almost completely!
Kristine Brown 15 Reno, Nv.