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The Sierra Nevada Christian Music Association exsists for the sole purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the youth of Northern Nevada of Eastern California through special events, programs and radio broadcasts utilising all forms of cutting edge Christian Music.

Our Goals

1.Set a new standard for radio.
2. Reach the lost.
3. Strike and effective balance in the vehicles used to share the gospel.
4. To never compromise Biblical standards.
5. To keep the center of our ministry on Jesus Christ.
6. To never neglect the youth.
7. To Never compromise our vision.
8. To entrench ourselves in the listening communities.
9. Encourage growth in Christian life.
10. Give GOD the glory in all we do.
11. Represent and communicate the freedom and joy that a Christian lifestyle has to offer.
12. Encourage philanthropy among youth.
13. Encourage Christian Unity(One Church under God).

Our Objectives

1. Build a listening audience.
2. Build an advertising revenue base.
3. Establish station image and purpose with listener base and community as a whole.
4. Promote internal programs.
5. Build church support.
6. Build parent and community support.
7. Call volunteers to action for the purpose of sharing the Vision and building ownership.
8. establish new markets for advertisers.
9. Build donor/sponsorship base.
10. Develop trust in our listener base.
11. Clearly communicate those aspects of a positive Christian lifestyle.
12. Provide a network through which young people and community groups can become aware of opportunities to serve and be served.

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