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Sierra Nevada Christian Music Association (SNCMA) and Renegade Radio 101.3 FM (KRNG) have been a power house station since 1997. We play Rock, Rap, and all eclectic styles of Christian music. We support the local community in Northern Nevada from Fallon to Border City and from Wadsworth past Verdi. Our signal reaches the Black Rock Desert and as far South as Hawthorn.

Chris, Vince and Justin reppin' Jesus Christ and Renegade Radio at a concert in Yerington.

Chris, Vince and Justin reppin’ Jesus Christ and Renegade Radio at a concert in Yerington.

We have been struggling to stay on the air the past years. Being that we do support our community we have had a few angel donation and we do greatly appreciate those.


Renegade Radio is recommitting ourselves to our mission:

Sierra Nevada Christian Music Association is a non profit corporation established in 1994 to address the serious issues facing the youth of Northern Nevada. Through the use of broadcast media and special events – utilizing progressive Christian music – we offer hope and direction through positive alternative programming.


In 2016 you can expect to be informed about events from our on air bulletin board, entertained and motivated by our powerful selection of music and we would like to offer the opportunity for youth to become more involved in our programming, website, and community outreach. For all interested please drop a line to [email protected] or call Justin (775).770.8754


Please do consider joining in our efforts or contributing financially to give us the resources to continue our mission.

Spread the message about our renewed commitment to our listeners and our community.