KRNG Studio Tour

KRNG Studio Tour

KRNG Studio Tour





A Tour always begins outside, and the first picture shows the outside of the Renegade Radio Studios (a remodeled mobile home complete with a horsie on a spring in the yard).


Walk n the front door and you see the kitchen. We like food. FrontOffice

Public’s Initial View of Inside Lobby with a look at the Wall. j003

KRNG Tower Array Under Construction prior to 1997 (most work was volunteer). j002

Volunteers dynamiting rocks on Two Tips Mountain in order to cement in

the towers prior to construction.


Renegade’s Control Room

. CDrackONE

CD Rack in Control Room. Since our first day on the air (July 4, 1997), Renegade has gone from “live”with CDs to almost complete automation.


View of Lobby and station mascot SPUNKY as seen from PD’s Office. PD-Desk

PD’s Desk (last time he was there was during an FCC inspection some years ago). PRODUCTION







The Production Room.   RenegadeArray










Here is the sun and wind powered main transmitter site atop 2-tips mountain. PondPk4






Here above is the booster transmitter site on Pond Peak. The two transmitters give us license to Fallon and Reno (with Fernley in between). Microwave2










The signal moves from the studio to the 2 transmitters via microwave from this tower just outside the studios. LOBBY23








The lobby again as seen from the west end.









And .. of course.. the necessary room. It’s clean.