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Renegade Radio is proud to be a media partner with the City of Sparks and Project Impact. If you would like to hear more inormation about Project Impact and how you can keep your household safe please click here. (Real Audio Player required). Or you can read on...

Project Impact is a national effort, sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, that aims to reduce the cost of disasters in terms of both property and lives. The initiative's goal is to have communities across the nation assess vulnerabilities to natural hazards and implement actions that protect families, businesses and communities by preparing for and reducing the damaging effects of natural and technological disasters.

On October 12, 1999, numerous disaster mitigation projects were launched in Sparks as a result of this initiative.

Funded Project Impact Partners include the City of Sparks, Nevada Humane Society, Northern NevadaMedical Center, Sierra Nevada Chapter of the American Red Cross, State of Nevada Division of Mental Health, Sparks' Supply One Home Centers, University of Nevada Reno, Visual Imagry Inc. and SierraPacific Power Company Lifeline Utilities.

Sparks Project Impact Media partners include KOLO TV (Channel 8), KOH News Talk Radio (780 am) andKRNG Renegade Radio (101.3 fm). These fine media outlets have all agreed to provide regular Project Impact coverage to the City.

Many citizens of Sparks do not realize the earthquake potential in Nevada. In the United States, Nevada ranks third in risk when considering the likelihood of a major earthquake. As a result, there are two projects that are of particular interest to the citizens of Sparks. The first is sponsored by the Sparks Supply One Home Centers. This project will include informational classes and written materials to inform homeowners how to retrofit their homes to further withstand the effects of an earthquake. This project will also include access to a tool lending library that will be made available to the general public to provide the tools necessary to do the job. The second project is that of a mitigation management specialist that will be available sometime in January 2000. This specialist will be available, at no cost, to provide site assessments of homes and businesses in Sparks and provide practical disaster mitigation recommendations.

If you would like to become involved with the Sparks Project Impact campaign or would like to request more information about this exciting initiative, contact Ben Hutchins at 353-1619.

Enjoy these photos

These photos were snapped at a recent Renegade Concert featuring T-Bone and Craze. Next time you are at a Rengade event ask about Project Impact and how you can get more information!!!


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