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Give Something for a Change!

Show respect for yourself and others by...

...honoring your parents and those that care about you.
...standing up for someone the everyone else picks on.
...buying lunch for someone that usually eats alone.
...putting other's needs before your own.
...saying only good things about people when they are not around to hear you.
...treating members of the opposite sex with dignity and respect and not like peices of meat.
...doing an extra chore around the house.
...offering to pray with someone you know could use some prayer.
...complimenting someone's appearance, especially someone who wouldn't normally recieve a compliment.

What is Operation GIVE?

Operation GIVE is a year-round project to heighten awareness for the need to show respect and appreciation for one another.

You can become a Partnet or a Sponsor of Operation GIVE!

Partners: Advertisers and Underwriters may choose to be a supporter of OG at no extra cost! Live tags will follow each spot identifying the business, churches or individuals as 'partners'.

Sponsors: A monhtly donation of $50 or more qualifies the contributer to recieve at least four mentions per month on the air.

Sign up today to support this noble cause by visiting our opportunities page.


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