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Your Oasis Online account comes with many benefits that we are not able to tell you about during your signup.  So we created this page to tell you all about the features available with your membership. Click here for Value-Added Services

The initial setup includes -

Value-added Services available from Oasis Online.

Free classes on how to use the Internet - at Oasis Online we don't just talk about education, we do it.  We offer free classes to our users on topics ranging from "Basics of the Internet and use of your Web Browser" to "Basics of Email use, attachments, netiquette, viruses".  You can access these classes on the Internet.  Check out our classes page to see what's happening this month.

Free, your own personal web space - With your account, you receive 5 MB of web space for a personal web site.  We ask that these sites remain personal.  If you would like a website for commercial use, please contact [email protected] for pricing information.  To request your own web space click here  For instructions on designing and posting your web page click here.

Oasis Online also offers a fax server - Need to send a fax to someone here in town.   Don't know how to setup your computer to send it.  We've done it all for you.   Just send an email with the fax number in the subject line and our servers will call the fax machine and transmit your fax.  This is for local calls only.  For more information email [email protected].   If you would like this option for your business and would like to send long distance faxes contact [email protected] to setup an account.

Oasis Online also offers email to pager option - Never miss that important email again.  With our email to pager option, your email will be automatically forwarded to your alpha pager up to 255 characters.  If you would like this option, please contact [email protected], for pricing options.

Internet Call Manager - If you only have one phone line, and you don't want to miss that important call.  Check out our Internet Call Manager and receive phone calls while on the net.  Click here for more info

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