SPAM Control Filter help

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Here's what you need to do in order to eliminate spam or send it to a spam folder to be cleaned out periodically.
LC=    Left Click
DLC= Double Left Click

While in Outlook Express
1) LC on "Tools"
2) Move Cursor to "Message Rules"
3) LC on "Mail"

If you have not setup rules before, go to step 5.
4) LC on "New" if other rules have been setup before.
5) In section #1 (Select the conditions for your rule)
6) LC the box to check  "Where the subject line contains specific words"
7) Then move to section #2 (Select the actions for your rule)
8) LC the box to check "Move it to the specified folder"
9) Then go to the 3rd section and LC on the link "contains specific words"
10) Type SPAM and LC OK
11)  While in Section 3 LC on the link "specified"
12) Be sure Local Folders is highlighted (if not LC on Local Folders)
13) LC on the "New Folder " Button
14) Type the name for the new folder as SPAM
15) LC OK
All Spam will now be directed to this folder.
As a matter of maintenance you will want to check this folder daily and delete all or any that are real spam.
A trick to quickly dispense of all or a long list of these messages, with minimal effort,
is to LC on the 1st message you want to delete, then scroll all the way to the
last email that you want to remove and hold down the "SHIFT" key while you click on
the last message you would like to delete. This will highlight all messages in
between and you can delete them all at once. (This procedure is also outlined
in the Email classes now offered on line at ). You can now go
to your deleted items and perform the same function to delete the messages for the final time.
If you are not concerned with losing emails that may be considered spam,
you can set your message rules to simply delete all email with SPAM in
the subject line and it will delete them automatically.
Simply follow steps 1-7 as above then at step #8 scroll down the list and check the box "delete it from server"
With this method all email considered spam by our servers will be deleted,  never to be seen by your computer.


For further assistance, please email [email protected] or call our office @ 423-3275 or 324-1004