A Simple Contract
Articles of Agreement

Section I

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth along with all creatures and created man in His own image. God gave man dominion over all the Earth. God blessed the male (Adam) and the female (Eve). They were created perfect in every way and were to live eternally in love and communion with God with no sickness, pain or sorrow.
                                                     Genesis: Chapters 1 and 2

Section II

God established a simple contract between Himself and Adam to provide man the freedom of choice: 1) to serve God, obey His command and live eternally in this perfect environment
    or     2) disobey God's command and thereby separate himself from God and relinquish his right to this perfect environment and eternal life in fellowship with God.

Section III

Adam chose to break this covenant (contract) with God when he ate of the only tree in the garden that was prohibited. This was a deliberate act of defiance of the will of God. God then had no choice but to keep His contract in force and demand death as stated in the Agreement.
                                                    Genesis: Chapter 3

Section IV

This act broke the Contract between God and a perfect, sinless, direct son of God who possessed eternal life.

Section V

This contract could be renewed only by one with the same authority and qualifications as Adam. The qualifications were as follows:
                            A) A direct Son of God with no Earthly father
                            B) Born sinless and remain sinless until the atonement was made to renew                                    the Contract
                            C) A perfect man in every way
                            D) One who possessed eternal life at birth

Section VI

Jesus Christ was the only man ever born, after Adam, who met these qualifications thereby having the authority to re-establish the broken contract with God the Father so that man might, again, be provided a way of eternal life and direct communion with God.
Matthew Chapter 27

Section VII

Because it was through the sole authority of Jesus Christ, this Contract was renewed with God, we have no other access to God's forgiving grace except through Jesus.
John 14:6, Revelations 1:18

Our morality or righteousness means nothing since we are not totally sinless and perfect and thereby qualified to sign (or renew) the Contract
Isaiah 64:6

All mankind, other than Jesus Christ, has sinned and been less than God desired us to be.
Romans 3:23                                               

Section VIII

We must, therefore, accept the fact that only through Jesus Christ's authority can we re-establish ourselves in communion with God and be saved from eternal separation from God in a very real place of torment called Hell.
Psalms 9:17, Matthew 10:28, Mark 9:43, Luke 12:5

Section IX

You will face the judgement of God regardless of your belief of unbelief and be judged and sentenced.
                Hebrews 9:26-28, Revelations 20:11-15

Section X **GOOD NEWS**

If we accept facts I through IX, confess our sins and ask Jesus Christ to forgive us, by His authority, we are again a part of the renewed covenant with God.
                                                                   1st John 1:9
We are no longer condemned
                                                                  John 3:16-18
We are given an entirely new sinless beginning
                                                        2nd Corinthians 5:17-18
We are allowed to forget our past, as God does
                                                                    Micah 7:19
We start with a fresh new life
                                                            Philippians 3:13-14


If you would like to be a part of this very logical way of life, you may, through Jesus Christ's authority, accept the preceding terms and conditions and thereby allow Jesus to become your Lord and Savior.


    I realize I am a sinner. I believe Your Word is true, after all it has lasted for centuries and has been proven to be flawless and inspired by God. I know You hear me. I accept the fact that You died for my sins and by the precious blood You shed at Your death I can now receive eternal life. I am asking Your forgiveness for all my past sins and Your help in the future to live my life according to Your will. I accept You now as my personal Savior which qualifies me to start fresh, to be a member of your Kingdom, RIGHT NOW! Regardless of how I feel emotionally, Your Word says my name is now written in Your Book of Life and I will dwell in Your presence eternally, ALIVE! Please help me now as I start my New Life. Help me learn and apply the principles to live by from Your Word. Help me to find a place to worship and learn with Your people as You have commanded us to do.

Thank You for Your love, acceptance and forgiveness.

CONGRATULATIONS, You have now accepted the re-established covenant between God and man which provides you with eternal life, peace, joy and freedom like you've never known.
                                    John 3:35

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